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« on: July 05, 2017, 07:43:23 PM »
Hello K13 Citizens,

I am Igneel. I will be working for you as a principal Gm for TANTRA K¹³ server . I will handle the administrative work ( ticket processing, website mandates, etc..). We have three more Gm's with different functions. Gm LeLouch will take care of our game events, Gm Coigneto as our game developer, Gm 3000fr for administrative/event works and Gm Metalic for our official website. Our Tantra Facebook Page is active, 3 GM's have access on it. All official queries regarding your accounts should be discussed in our website via tickets. Relevant game discussions should be posted here in our forums. All game rules and regulations remain as it is, old posts from the previous admin will be our reference and banned game accounts will remain ban.  I will be observing the server for a week before we release a new item if needed.

We expect players to respect our new Gm's/staffs and strictly comply with our server rules. We are looking forward towards a good relationship with everyone. We love this server as much as you love it.. treat everyone as a friend so that we all enjoy our game time.


GM Igneel  :3t: :3t: :3t: