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Author Topic: Tantra K¹³ EVOLUTION: 4 vs 4 Vedi Tournament  (Read 64 times)

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Tantra K¹³ EVOLUTION: 4 vs 4 Vedi Tournament
« on: July 28, 2020, 05:48:59 AM »
4 vs 4 Vedi Tournament
Vedian Strong Warriors


1.   4 members per team: Choose your own TRIBE. 1 tribe/job only per TEAM -  with a maxium level of 99. Maximum of 2 entries/guild.
Example: 1) Satya, Banar, Abikara, Samabat  2) Druka, Karya, Yuda, and Vidya
2.   Resurrection is not allowed. (silfrijans,  quality Silfrijans, or vidya resurrection skill) – if 1 member resurrects the whole team will be disqualified.
3.   Ch3at Engines will not be tolerated. Automatic Disqualification for the team and in-Game Sanctions will apply.
4.   Members listed in the submitted entry can only be change with prior approval – request for change of team member should have a valid reason. The substitution should have no team registered or has not play in any other teams. Dual LOGGED is strictly prohibited.
5.   If a player is an abikara during submission and he is a samabat in the tournament. He will be automatically disqualified. This rule applies to the other jobs.
6.   During the allotted time of the tournament an incomplete team will be given 5 minutes to complete their lineup. The battle will commence complete or incomplete.
7.   Rematch will not be held in cases of disconnection. This is also true when a player is disconnected from an ongoing match, he is automatically out. If he reconnects and attacks again. The team will be automatically disqualified.
8.   A maximum of 10 minutes will be given for each match.  The team with the most surviving members after 10 minutes will be the winner.
9.   Any decision that will arise in the venue of the tournament is final and should be respected.
10.   Pets are allowed in the tournament. DADATIS are not allowed.
11.   Transformation and reinforcement slips are not allowed.
12.   All matches will be held in Vedi Kruma Map only, so that Level Down Chakra and Skills will not function
13.   This will be a 1 day match only. Tournament type will be SUDDEN DEATH/SINGLE ELIMINATIONS.
14.  In case a match between 2 teams with the same god, one team will be sponsored a NATI S, V or B.


Follow the format:
Team Leader:
JOBS: 4 only

Deadline for Submission of Entries: Aug. 23, 2020
TOURNAMENT DATE: Aug. 25, 2020 @ 5pm PH TIME

1st – 15,000 Taney X 4
2nd –8,000 Taney X 4
3rd – 4,000 Taney X 4