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Hello all players

Following the closure of the Tantra K¹³ Evolution Server,
Thought you might like to review the game screenshots you posted from your website account (Tantra K¹³, which closed today)
For information, the Tantra K¹³ Forum will remain for memory, with possibilities of discussion. (Same as Old 🗡️Forum Tantra Online 3000fr K¹²)
Therefore, since today, an Image Gallery is included - 1088 screens from the website are visible.
If you wish, I can add your screens, they just need to be uploaded (Zip, Rar, 7z ...)
in a system like, or others and insert the link in this topic.
The gallery works in connection with the forum... You just need to be logged into the forum to see, post comments and vote....

Good continuation... Take care of yourself

⚔️ Gallery of Memories Tantra K¹³ Évolution ⚔️

Send your Zip or RAR link by replying to this Topic. (Put your main player name)
I will do the necessary to upload your images in the Gallery in an album with your player name.

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