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Hello all players

Following the closure of the Tantra K¹³ Evolution Server,
Thought you might like to review the game screenshots you posted from your website account (Tantra K¹³, which closed today)
For information, the Tantra K¹³ Forum will remain for memory, with possibilities of discussion. (Same as Old 🗡️Forum Tantra Online 3000fr K¹²)
Therefore, since today, an Image Gallery is included - 1088 screens from the website are visible.
If you wish, I can add your screens, they just need to be uploaded (Zip, Rar, 7z ...)
in a system like, or others and insert the link in this topic.
The gallery works in connection with the forum... You just need to be logged into the forum to see, post comments and vote....

Good continuation... Take care of yourself

⚔️ Gallery of Memories Tantra K¹³ Évolution ⚔️

Send your Zip or RAR link by replying to this Topic. (Put your main player name)
I will do the necessary to upload your images in the Gallery in an album with your player name.

ADMIN 3000fr

 :g52: :DEAD: :g52g:

With a little advance on the forecasts it is done:
Migration on new hosting and switch to https is complete.

If you notice an anomaly, or any other problems with the forum, thank you to answer in this topic.

Good Game :)

Avec un peu d'avance sur les prévisions c'est fait:
La migration sur le nouvel hébergement et le passage en https est terminé.

Si vous constatez une anomalie, ou tout autres problèmes avec le forum, merci de répondre dans ce topic.

Bon Jeu :)

Hello all -> The migration of hosting and work on the (forum server only.) Will start on Monday, August 13, 2018
The forum will be put in maintenance and then will be cut 24 to 48h ... (According to the propagation of the DNS)
The game and the website will not be impacted ...

Thank you for your understanding - Good game  :g19:


La  migration de l'hébergement et des travaux sur le (serveur forum uniquement.) débutera le lundi 13 Août 2018
Le forum sera mis en maintenance et ensuite sera coupé 24 à 48h ... (Selon la propagation des DNS)
Le jeu et le site web ne sera pas impacté ...

Merci de votre compréhension - Bon jeu

:g52: Tc Pan Pan All - 3000 3k :g52g:

Hello all :)  ➡ Warning  your K¹³ Forum changes host in August to pass in secure connection (https)

3-4 days of disruption (DNS propagation and forum configuration for SSL (https)

You will be notified in this subject of the dates of the migration.
But as soon as you do not have access to the forum, it will be the beginning of the new DNS propagation ...
As hanging DNS propagation, you will not even see the forum in maintenance.

! Do not panic ... It's normal !

Thanking you for your understanding
Webmaster 3000fr :g19: Good Game - Kill ALL :p

Nota Bene: Only in case of emergency, big problems during the migration, you can open a ticket.
But thank you to wait for the return of the forum for all normal actions :) ...

Hello ➡ Attention le forum K¹³ change d'hébergement courant Août pour passer en connexion sécurisée (https)
3 à 4 jours de perturbations (Propagation des DNS et configuration des forum pour SSL (https)

Vous serez averti dans ce sujet des dates de la migration.
Mais dés que vous n'aurez plus accès au forum, ce sera le début de la nouvelle propagation des DNS...
Car pendrant la propagation DNS, vous ne verrez même pas le forum en maintenance.
! Ne vous affolez pas ... C'est normal !

En vous remerciant de votre compréhension
Webmaster 3000fr  :g19:

Nota Bene: Uniquement en cas d'urgence, de gros soucis pendant la migration, vous pouvez ouvrir un ticket.
Mais merci de patienter le retour du forum pour toutes actions normales :) ...

Hello .... There is no new owner, GM LeLouch and the one who continued after me  :g118:

I misspoke in my subject (I edited) sorry for my English, it is not improved


:g44: Hello all players, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Martinique (French Island of the Caribbean)

:g44: Good game, I'm sure that GM LeLouch work well to offer a maximum of events ....

:g44: Take Kare to all

:g44: Admin 3000fr  :) :g19: :) Good Game  :g44:


« on: July 15, 2017, 11:14:54 PM »
Hello ... a little visit ... The new management is right ... :g20:

SWAP MP is very exceptional and should only be used sparingly.
Personally, I agree.

Save your Taneys, be ant.  :lol:

Good Game :)

You see in Page download - Position 6: Tantra K¹³ Evolution *.EXE If Antivirus delete JULY 5 2017 (Just Overwrite old file in folder)


Hello ... Check anti-virus, anti Malwares .....   ....

Maybe Deleted :p

Hello ..
Possible server will be UP today. WEBSITE is ONLINE now...

We are fixing game patcher... Need patience.  :g100:

Game will not shut down

 :) :g19: :)

Hello ..
Possible server will be UP today. WEBSITE is ONLINE now...

We are fixing game patcher... Need patience.  :g100:

Game will not shut down

 :) :g19: :)

Attention: Tantra K13 Players
Migration: new hosting website & server

Update: Server Hosting Transfer

We would like to apologize for this indefinite game interruption. As for the mother host's reply, it MAY TAKE up to 7 days to complete the transfer.
Possible ok in 1 or 2 days ... Max 7 Days :)

We would be posting future updates in this forum and in our facebook page. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank You


Regarding the rewards of the TOP MP GAINER By Gods, please wait ...

Wait for the migration of the server and the reopening of the support.

Duration Maximum 12 to 24 hours could be extended to 48 hours


HELLO -> Rathian Is a Naga no1, he is Mijung1, he also has the Title ...:
Stats of descendant title very high

I decline all claims ...

This character is 100% correct, Stats, Items, skills, gods skills and chakras ...

Stop crying ....   :sifflet:

I close this subject, completely useless

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