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To all concern and GM..

TAPAS ASARA skills indicated "LOWERS OPPONENTS TAPAS - Damage 500% TP Stolen.

I tried many times during duel or PVP in kruma the above subject, but as I observe every time I attack using that skills
TP of the opponent does not reduced even in 1 point. However, it has only damage a little bit.

Is it bug? or maybe I miss the combo to activate the skills.

"Damage 500% TP Stolen" means [actual damage]*500%(which is 5x)=TP recover amount.
Tapas Asara inflicted 500 damage. 500 multiplied by 5 is 2,500. The Vidya will recover TP of 2,500.
There is no TP stolen from the opponent hit by Tapas Asara.
This is similar to Bairaba skill from Druka.

Source: Years of playthrough as Vidya.

What would be necessary to improve is the framerate of the game. I hope our Game Masters could do something to improve game smoothness, especially in kruma.
 :tantra-1a10: :tantra-1a10:

Good day, GM. I have finished my quests.

Entry by Patis :yaksa:

Title: "I can manage to catch you, but cannot kill you."

Trying to inflict that last hit.

TANTRA K¹³ | Game Guide QUESTS / When deleting a character...
« on: June 10, 2017, 05:04:38 PM »
Well, i don't like a character i have made and i want to delete it. While on the character screen, i was asked to enter a Secret Code to delete a character. What "secret code" does it use to delete a character? As i can remember, only account password and security PIN key were needed when registering. I entered my password or PIN to delete but it says it's the wrong one. I tried logging in to the web page but it doesn't have anything to change PIN, only password. I may have forgotten the PIN i entered but i used that PIN since the first Tantra server(from ABS-CBN Interactive). If anyone knows, please help me. Thanks in advance.

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