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Forum to Discuss Non-Tantra ~ Jokes section seksyon / Re: LAUGHTRIP
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:53:17 PM »
hahahah  :g8: :g8: :g8:

TANTRA K¹³ Game ~ Guide ~ Tutoriels ~Help / BASICS, HOPE IT HELP
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:50:59 PM »
this info in not mine. CREDIT FOR THOSE WHO MAKE THIS :D

just visit this site :D

Tantra K¹³ ~ Events Forum + Events Screens & Design / Re: ask for this
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:43:06 PM »
sana maka tulong
this info is not mine.

Crafting of Crystal / DATU Weapon LEVEL's .|' 74 80 88 98 A9 A19 '|.

Several places where you can create Crystal / DATU Weapons by its level.


Level 68 weapons: Vedi Kruma NPC / High Kruma NPC
Needed: 1 pcs Crystal
[It will automatically produce level 68 Crystal / DATU Weapon]

Level 74 weapons: Vedi Kruma NPC / High kruma NPC
Needed: 1 pc Crystal
Lv. 74 weapon to be crafted
30M rupiah

Level 80 weapons: Miner Yume [Biryu]
Needed: 1 pc Dark Crystal
Lv. 80 weapon to be crafted
40M rupiah

Level 88 weapons: Miner Yume [Biryu]
Needed: 1 pc Dark Crystal
Lv. 88 weapon to be crafted
50M rupiah

Level 98 weapons: Darksa [Mudah Dungeon NPC]
Needed: 1 pc Dark Crystal
Lv. 98 weapon to be crafted
50M rupiah

Level amara9 weapons: Tribe leader Rasi Mukhara [Naga Village]
Needed: at least amara9 level to proceed
1 pc Dark Crystal
LV. A9 weapon to be crafted
50M rupiah

Level amara 19 weapons: Craftsman Yapa [Sagara Village in Paroksya]
Needed: 1 pc Dark Crystal
Lv. A19 weapon to be crafted
100M rupiah
1 pc Skeleton's scale


You should be at least level 80 to proceed.
Crystal - it can be obtain from Raphu of Chaturanga
Tears of the gods - from the Emperor of Emperor's Tomb and Samurai General of Biryu.


Level 96 - Darksa in Mudha Dungeon
Level 96 armor + Bina Crystal + 10 pcs manipura/vishuda/azna (tribe specific) + 30M
Crystal Armor + Tambula

Amara 7 (rare armor) - Vagra in Ruins
Crafting: Rare A4 armor + Bina Crystal + 10 pcs manipura/vishuda/azna + 50M
Reinforcing: Same as above

Amara 9 - Ironmaster Sastra in Naga Tribe
Crafting: A7 armor + Bina Crystal + 10 pcs manipura/vishuda/azna + rupiahs
Reinforcing: Same as above

Amara 19 - Paroksya NPC (Sagara Village)
Crafting: A17 armor + Bina Crystal + 10 pcs manipura/vishuda/azna + rupiahs
Reinforcing: Same as above


-100% success rate in crafting once you have ALL the materials needed
-You must be at least the same level as the weapon/armor being crafted
(example: It's not possible for a level 85 char to craft level 88 crystal weapon)
-All ups or enchantments will be gone once crafted
(example: If you have a +12 pazuta with 100AS, it will revert back to zero)
-Crystal armors can be reinforced using Tambula (premium item)
-Once the refinement for armor reaches +15, it will give you 1500 additional HP!
-You can buy Vishuda/Anahata/Azna from NPC Ashuri in Mandara Village

Crystal - Raphu (100% drop rate)

-Raphu is the boss in Chatu - part of Kruma
-Located in the center of the map
-Needs a Raphu Key to open it
-Raphu Key is the combination of all chess pieces (all sides/direction) and it must be unique combination

Tears of God (TOG) - Angul General (drop rates vary)

-Biryu boss riding on a horse with a spear

Dark Crystal

-Combination of Tears of God and Crystal
-Can be refined in Biryu through Miner Yumi
-Success rate is 50% or even less based on our observation

Bina Crystal

-Material used for crafting crystal armors (Level 96 to A17)
-Can be crafted through Tribe Leader Rasi Mukhara in Naga Tribe
-Requires Dark Crystal + Nagamudra's Heart (or 10 pcs Nagamudras scales)
-Success rate: Naga Heart is 100% while Naga scale is only 60% to 70%

*Nagamudra's Heart - Nagamudra Hima (ice dragon boss in Mandara Dungeon 2)
**Nagamudra's Scale - rare drop from MD2 mobs


try to relocate your tantra files, and make sure the option at tantra launcher is set to high with same resolution of your pc.
i suggest to put your tantra files at desktop..
hope its help, cause its help me alot when i did it :D

Hi Guys.  I would like to evaluate your Tantra base knowledge through a multiple choice question.  There will be 30 questions to be given.  Writes 1-30 in your paper/forum and put/post your answers directly.  The first one to perfect or has the highest points among all will get two (2) bedante stones (prevents breakage during upgrading) and 2 7-days tikoy premium from me.  I need you to answer the questions prior 12MN PHL time today, January 17, 2016.   :g19: :g19:

Thank you and Good luck!   🙂

(NOTE: You can ask all your friends who you know were very old in tantra!)

Mainly most of us started Tantra Online with the Hanbitsoft certified server from ABS-CBN known as Tantra Philippines. This MMPORG has gained its popularity and purpose for every player has been role playing their characters (e.g BravefencerMusashi-druka).  After Tantra Philippines shut their server down last 2011 as years go along few servers sprung and revamped the features from the original game.


1. Tantra Philippines was first advertised in ABS-CBN in?

a. 2003
b. 2004 <-------
c. 2009
d. 2012

2. Tantra Philippines had original servers mainly..

a. Kriya and Manas <------
b. Manas, Diyana and Samadi
c. Manas, Diyana and Kriya
d. Manas, Kriya Samadi

3. Samadi Server in Tantra Philippines was formerly known as?

a. Extreme <------
b. Surya
c. Elite
d. Shamad

4. Who was the first player in Manas Server to aquire full kakuta set?

a. castin (aka Gunner today)
b. tenjou03
c. LordMarky
d. Merlolae
e. EvilJ
f. Sinigangnaelepante <------ :D

5. Biryu patch was implemented in what year?
a. 2006
b. 2005 <-------
c. 2016
d. 1988

6. Mikage, ranking Mijung level 1 in trimurti and server ranking top 2 to top 1, from R E B I R T H guild of Edited.  She was one of the fiercest in kruma together with?
a. Jenster and JoJoBoy
b. ASTY and Athena
c. Acidlluna and JoJoboy
d. ChinaBabe and foca
e. Agrippa and TiGaSiN
f. RythmQueen and QuanTi

7.  Who was the TOP 1 ranking in Manas server's Trimurti back in 2005?
a. allyson <--------
b. SniperHimo
c. AvAnT
d. Demonic_Priestess
e. Gam3Over
f. AngelZero

8. Who ranked TOP 1 ranking in Diyana Server back in 2005?

a. PyanG
b. Titay
c. zato oi <------

9. SandraBright was a powerful character back then in Samadi, what was her tribe?
d. Garuda <------

10. It was called "Haven for Murderers" because it is were karma was burned in the olden days

a. Mandara Dungeon 2
b. Shambala Dungeon
c. Mudha Dungeon
d. Chaturanga<--------

11. He guards the emperors Spirit that roams around the Tomb that needs repose.

a.  Senior Zangzu
b.  Senior Vibvan
c. Elder Vitan
d. Senior Vananta

12. When mudha patch was newly released the colour of +15 weapons  were?

a. greyish light green
b. White
c. Fuscha pink
d. Green <-------

13. They were once good disciples of Brahma and were responsible for breathing life to Anangas and Herukas.

a. Pizac Tara
b. Ghorayogi
c. Nagamudra Hima <--------- XD
d. Palaka of Life

14. What do you call the Tree that is in the center of Mandara Village

a. World Tree
b. Divine Tree
c. God Tree
d. Shinju <------

15. They are the nachals of the forest, they are like ghost that you can not almost see them, they are the __________?

a. Rakshasas <-------
b. Kimnaras
c. Garudas
d. Gandharvas

16. Meek, mild and merciles in combat, the __________ is a sheep in a wolfs clothing

a. Naga
b. Gandharva
c. Yaksa <---------
d. Asura

17. One fell swoop of a ________ sword, is always a losing proposition

a. Naga <--------
b. Asura
c. Rakshasa

18. What was the famous guild in Tantra Online Manas Server (2005)?

a. nx-LUNAR
b. Mantra Magick
c. Vishnu All Stars <--------
d. CrusaderS
e. Divine Grace

19. He was once a guardian diety in the world of tantra until he was consumed by evil.

a. Meghamalin <-------
b. Astamu
c. Gurjang
d. arigo30

20.  Tantra FR 3000 (previous server) started in what year?

a. 2009
b. 2010
c. 2013
d. 2011 <------

21. Which among these is a Tantra Kayden x300 Vishnu Player?

a. GaNdHarvaMaya
b. HarryPopoter <------- o.O
c. Bambola
d. ardhini
e. Janglari

22. Sorcerer, skilled practioner of the Mantra arts.  Be enchanted by the ___________?

a. Rakshasas
b. Devas <-------- D:
c. Kimnaras
d. Apra Varaja Rajas

23. Hima Kinjar with 100-150 ice attack rate and chakra of nerve of 7 is dropped by?

a. Kyukrong Gosu
b. Sobariung Gosu
c. Kubasang
d. Kokabung

24. A druka rakshasa is out for trimurti in anaka kruma, what is best weapon of choice?

a. Krpana+10
b. Sinamusti +8 <-------
c. kalanaka +11
d. Suraka +9

25. What do you need inorder to craft an amara 19 crystal weapon

Choose a combination:  100m rupuiahs , skull scales, DX, Tambula Crystal, Amara 19 weapon, 80m rupiahs, 120m rupiahs, Tears of the God, Crystal (raw)

26. Legend of Patura Diablo, what was his colour back then

a. dark green
b. Light gold <-------- ambot lng
c. Black
d. Brown

27. Who was the man in black mask who attacked Maid Ssunalang

a. Elder Zangzu
b. Senior Vibvan
c. Fighting Monk Idungdashu <------- ambot lng sad
d. Haiddungdasshu

28. it is an incantation that if not treated will cause death to the victim.

a. Stam
b. Baluka
c. Lauti  <------- saman palag ka :D
d. Gatana
e. Baruna force

29. Cali, who tempted and brain washed Shiva is also known in her good form as?

a. Saraswati
b. Bodhisattiva
c. Durga
d. Parvati

30. Vishnu has sealed Shiva after cutting the head of Brahma.  Her powers were ceased after doing this, thus losing the bless she gave to the Emperors Man.  There was an uprise of evil essence at that time.  The Emperors Man continued to battle the Maras even without Vishnus blessing and later strucked by an arrow and died.  The Emperor's Man brought peace for so many years that people could not forget his name.  He was buried somewhere in pamir regions.  The warrior of Vishnu is?

a Emperor Buk Ngu
b Emperor of the 8 Kings
c. King Seon Dok
d. King Eldor
e. Emperor of the Great Bear
g. Apliz <--------- (Salbahis) o.O


Thank you all!

paki reply kong naay sakto na tubag :D

General DISCUSSIONS TANTRA KATHANA K¹³ / Re: Maintenance
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:02:45 AM »
add grapa helm boots cause no drop


mga PLDT kau?kc ang iba nasa game pa nkakapag laro., ako PLDT hindi na mka pasok huhuhuhu
awts  :g7: :g7: :g7: :g7:

kaninang madaling araw may na rinig ako sa game na sabi maintenance daw mamaya xD baka totoo un :D d rin kc ako maka pasok d2 :D


GM, fps drops everytime someone is using irintrika(karya skill), my pc specs: Core i7 5th gen, 16gb of ram, gtx 1060...
i have lowend pc but i dont get lagg if someone use irin
mybe u should stop download porn :D just kidding  :saint1:

Tantra K¹³ ~ Suggestions ~ Bugs ? / Re: BURN KARMA DOES NOT WORK
« on: January 17, 2017, 01:11:20 PM »
I tried many many maps to kill mobs like mudha, warfare, and paroksya. however my karma seems not getting low. Why is it and how can i burn my karma? Thanks

 :rakshasa: :_myhelp: :_myhelp: :guitare-3000fr:

mudha with party or just online 5-10mins = 5 karma points decrease

« on: January 14, 2017, 09:43:21 PM »
same here -_-

same here

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