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hi HanJ! This is my reply to your thread "how to do 3 skills at a time". Watch the videos carefully.

Without using pots, observe his first combo. SS+JT. Notice that Samayoga inflicted 28787 dmg and JT damage didn't register (time: 0:17-0:19 sec).. Compare it to his video below..  the Samayoga and JT damage were registered. JT inflicted me with 13905 dmg. Now, did you see the difference based on the animations from my end to his end?

my video:
<iframe width="850" height="385" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

his video: start on time: 0:28 for sych movement
<iframe width="850" height="385" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hanjimin, Look closely at time 0:34 - 0:39 in the 1st video. As you can see in my end, NO SAMAYOGA and JT dmg is visible, dmg were not registered. It only showed sakata dmg but if you will look at my HP bar, it went DOWN and there is only 9k HP left for me.

Compare it to the 2nd video *below* time 1:10-1:14.. You can clearly see all his skills, Sakata, Samayoga and JT with VISIBLE damage with numbers. Sakata = 726, Samayoga = 30600 and JT = 13884.

I can say that the animation seen in your screen is not reliable, precise nor accurate. What is shown in your PC is already affected by so many factors. The speed of your internet, your pc settings, your computer specs, etc. so if you would ask me, is this player using a 3rd party program? of course not. look closer to his video. He showed his tab *running programs* and look closer HOW he casted his skills. Everything is normal. Using the tricks may give a different animation in another players window, like what was shown in your video and my video. I hope i made myself more clear now.


I agree this video is the same movement of PeefectCrime...You wont see the Vega but Only Debanda...Not for the others who really dont understand the loot bug or air loot..Hypocrite yun tawag dun..

@Hanjimins as long as no third party is involved it is not cheats, but if the GM checks the logs and find something then we see that the server is vulnerable to cheats like Sora or Another form of Ch3at 3ngin3..The server's fault if this player ban for nothing..Weak gameguard if trully found something. Peace to all

I am still busy cant buy this bro  we almost done for launching .Well UP anyway



Well we can't please everyone to agree with our opinion, especially indogs (indians) joke  :lol: . I'm gonna use some kind of example no hard feelings. As you see that Tantra ! Not Allowed ! has been very Progressive and elastic compare with those variety of tantra. I think its been 6yrs had past yet STILL, their server was running. Why? because they have been very careful in making changes. they study their new updates firmly, before making an implemention. They do not decide with players complain through ticket or private message ALONE. they make it fair with every players want's. And so far I didn't see any server that last long aside from ! Not Allowed !. because this server isn't all about rushing new update just to earn money it's all about players want's with the game. plus donators are well taking care of. this is not a sort of complain admin lelouch. this is about the players that had abandone the game and still in counting. if u want to regain those players back and invite more player and to have an equal people in kruma, try to not to rush things, because you know what? THIS SERVER IS DYING thats a REALTALK not a PEPTALK. Actually u will still earn money if u raise up the price of upgrading stones that contains 100% success refining rate. then conduct double taney once a month. On the other hand since we are implementing 2 types of set/ weapons which is the donated and non-donated u should raise up the upgrading price of non-donated or crafted set and items so that there will be an equal hardship between non donator and donator player, because donator give their money while non donator give their time. So make donated item a little better but not far from non donated items so that they will also able to kill in kruma. let say donated items able to do 2hits make non donated item able to do 3hits to kill their opponent. And if you investigate every reports about the game open your two eyes and mind when you do so. don't listen with those defendants. You know and masterd the tantra, thats why u became GM's, and there for you know the pros and cons in this game, tricks , Ch3at engines and speed hack how does this things exist in the game, and how to shut it down.

In addition for you to invite more people in Vishnu conduct a guild activity just like before in k12 we have Fortress war and Biryu war, since you are giving taney as a reward in TOP MP gainer at kruma, make it less instead of 40,000 30,000 20,000 taney make it 30,000 , 25,000 , 20,000 taneys then the remaining taney put it on Fort war and biryu war as a budget to invite players and create their own guild per god.

and about the set and weapon access, do not make it usable for only months or weeks. you should place an agreement that this set/weapon/access will only last until 1yr and 5months or 2yrs, just like any other product that contain expiration date.. because if this will be properly realize, Investment for players also will happen in game, not only the Game masters were earning money But also the donators, if the donators sold out an items. they will earn money, and when they earn money, of course they will donate or buy taney again and this will help the server to be elastic.

I don't wan't this server to be the same as other servers that shut down instantly. I wan't tantra fr to be the greatest rival of tantra ! Not Allowed !. because so far i didn't see any good server that compete with ! Not Allowed !.

PS: i wan't fr to be an original fr. I don't wan't this server to be the same as the other server that shutdown because of rushing things for the sake of money.

I respect this one..But about this case every developer from k12 and k13 have different mind sets, they also been in other servers and i think they know what is there capabilities and limitations...From what I observed the server is too fast in deciding things especially sets effects and level efffects. When you do realized after playing your favorite characters they make it dead as soon as the top donator is complaining. They radically changed it and that makes no sense why? Becoz the leas donators are less Spooned in the game..Its like saying or giving to a loyal customers well in fact they did not know that we are all old players of fr k12. This misconceptions about levels and aets effects are so hustle to handle..So lazy to arrange why? Becoz it was running already for about 6 to 8 mos now..Unfortunately the problems is still there..Oh guys I am talkng to whole system. Let us wait until July and observed what they can do about this..Its normal to a server who had a few players and few donators why? Becoz a player doesnt stick to one server they dont need to be dead complaining in one server becoz its boring to wait. So what we have to do is try and search. Then comeback compare analyzed to which servers did you find most easy and suitable to your taste..There are many out there make a choice. Stop complaining the GMs knows it...But if they dont feel this then thats the results of being not open minded...

If you are a gamer dont stand to one lane of enjoyment find another options to fill out your stress and contentment. Like me and my friends are soon to have this of our own..See you there if we finish and fix oir own.. You know what I mean  :).

Why you complaint IF is not you ....

I am pilot of Kajser thats i complaint...No warning then ban? how careless is that in your part? is this the new admin? becoz its sounds you dont know me lol...Well no further complaints no more cry ban it whatever you do.. It seems the new admin  come a strong hand so sensitive

You confirm that you are the pilot Kajser and SnowBear ?

Snowbear is not mine...Kajser is the I pilot....You know me lols did i ever tried to insults you eversince?  :g7: :g7: :g7: :g7: :g7:at this time around  :biggrin:

If you Pilote Kajser and SnowBear ...  yes ... Mute 3 Days  :sifflet:

Vending fireworks? and no one buy becoz more people already around you...Not me saying bad words...Only those words...If you feel good about it to ban me , then so be it  :g7: :g20b: :g20b:

SnowBear is not mine hahaha, btw what words is that i say before you make me ban GM?

What word did exactly I say GM? DID i said bad words? or you just interested to ban for asking this in my own words ;  Is that a joke vend ? Fire works. What word is that? is that bad word enough? Their are many people there saying too much than me and why are you seen just me for that?

IP BAN? What is this no warning? Just ban?

Chatting not allowed?? DId GM mute me?

I think it's just an exclusive weapons for the Champion  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

sana same skin weapons hahaha  :)

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