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Title: Tantra K¹³ ~ ⚔️ Gallery of Memories Tantra K¹³ Évolution ⚔️
Post by: 3000 on March 21, 2022, 01:25:12 AM
Hello all players

Following the closure of the Tantra K¹³ Evolution Server,
Thought you might like to review the game screenshots you posted from your website account (Tantra K¹³, which closed today)
For information, the Tantra K¹³ Forum will remain for memory, with possibilities of discussion. (Same as Old 🗡️Forum Tantra Online 3000fr K¹² (https://forum-tantra.3000fr.com/))
Therefore, since today, an Image Gallery is included - 1088 screens (https://forum-tantra-k13.3000fr.com/galerie/) from the website are visible.
If you wish, I can add your screens, they just need to be uploaded (Zip, Rar, 7z ...)
in a system like https://mega.nz/, https://www.mediafire.com/ or others and insert the link in this topic.
The gallery (https://forum-tantra-k13.3000fr.com/galerie/) works in connection with the forum... You just need to be logged into the forum to see, post comments and vote....

Good continuation... Take care of yourself

(https://forum-tantra-k13.3000fr.com/k13-img/--TANTRA.k13.-Blue.gif) ⚔️ Gallery of Memories Tantra K¹³ Évolution ⚔️ (https://forum-tantra-k13.3000fr.com/k13-img/--TANTRA.k13.-Blue.gif) (https://forum-tantra-k13.3000fr.com/galerie/)

Send your Zip or RAR link by replying to this Topic. (https://forum-tantra-k13.3000fr.com/index.php/topic,16959.0.html) (Put your main player name)
I will do the necessary to upload your images in the Gallery in an album with your player name.

ADMIN 3000fr

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