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Hi sir.
Maybe u can donation to buy self at IM. Just register and login. Choose donation and donate.  Use your taney to buy stuff what you want  :) and refining. 


Hey is this Negan and Rick's group from  :)  :g20:
"The Walking Dead"
yes. That a execute part of walking dead from negan.   Abraham dead and glenn dead  :g179:

pic good resolution for launcher stttantra.exe  :g18:

What do you think ? you think i will not defend even if it's not my char.

im not think what u problem defend even or not. My thinking. Why player in kruma always comolain this 2 player. Silver and even.  Why always they. ? In kruma shiva have a many player. Rathian. Cindikato and many more. Why always thats 2 receive complain abuse?   Can you answer? Why not other player shiva. why not rathian they complain why not cindikato? Bcause they a normal character playing.   And good player.

Im not pro B or V. Im standing at a middle side. Not pro any side. But i talk with fact

You bullshit too, carefull with your words. For you too know i change god to B and V to balance kruma no one is crying from S from me because my mate know how i move and what i've got. You only B and V are crying babies

im never crying. I just try play fair for other player. I always becareful my word. I waiting and see and hold my hand to write something about silver and even. Bcause i waitin a valid proof. Right time. Right side and right place. For this video. I cannot hold my hand again to write something about bullshit.

Even your char?  Baragan = even? I thin same owner.


For how long since you played this game? too old but yet don't know anything. Maybe sponsor you'r guild mate special set and access to be able to last long in kruma.
i play tantra maybe you age 10 yrs. For this case bcause u keep on hold it's you friend? Try change god and play in brahma / vidha side so you can know. Why i complaint now? To many player not only indonesia complaint for this 2 player. Other player too.  Why not rathian. Cindikato rhynox. System64??? Bcause they a normal character.  Only this bullshit 2 player. @even and @silver always all player complaint.

For u barragan. Try change god. And war in other side. Not always blue every time.

this 2 player :g20b: .  @Silverray and @Even from day by day always be complain every day, not only brahma complaint for this 2 nick, every player from vidha and brahma, why not other ???? BECAUSE this 2 player very NOOB always use party bug in war,  for EVEN. maybe you be dead now, this video a proof,  i see from yesterday in kruma, u kill hanjimin, me and happyending, we just asking how ?

are you finish playing bug ??? are you enjoy use party bug ???

for now sanction ban is not effect for player.  maybe we need Vote. 
REMOVE MP to ZERO ???  not Happy ? Crying ? go buy barbie toy and play at small room  :g20b: :g20b: :g20b:

Congratulations for winner  :g20:  :g19:

Agree  :g20:

Very Agree. Nice solution

Tantra K¹³ ~ ASHRAMS ' GUILDS Shiva / Re: °UNITY in DIVERSITY°
« on: September 19, 2017, 08:50:11 PM »
:g127: EVENT New Game Quest, For Whatsapp Group  :g127:
KOPASUS Guild and Indonesia Player which already registered in Whastapp

:g!!: How To Play New Quest Game ? :g!!:
- Already Registered in Group K13Fr Whastapp (Smartphone Event)
- Player have a different quest, different condition, different rewards depend the player
- check Whatsapp Group and be active in group
- only 1 player = 1 quest / 1 oportunity, not more  :diablotin:
Quest Difficult : Beginner, Middle, Hard and Very Very Hard

Example beginner : 300pcs Small Horn + 300pcs safehat + 90pcs fox stail loot + 100 redrose 
Example Hard : Bronze Armor & Plate 3pcs + Rip plan 1234 (5 set) + gun powder 300pcs

Check Group Whastapp and Active Dissccusion to help new player for question in Whastapp Group 

TANTRA K¹³ Game ~ Guide ~ Tutoriels ~Help / Re: New titles explained
« on: September 09, 2017, 04:40:53 PM »
GM, explaine please the new title stuff.

There are 3 new titles, but i can see stats of only 1.

Do i need first 2 to have 3rd, or how does it works? If they are 3 seperate titles, please show stats of other 2.

And what about new belt, 45% absorb, for real? Thats overpower.

maybe you wrong understand sir  :)

Over power ??? that APS only 7%.  Tribe Belt 10%.  that a less 3% Over power ???  :)

Absord damage, Off course that not APS. just absord damage only 45%. 

i see all stat normally. not OP  :g20:

AGREE 100%  :g20:

Fair for inactive player and for active player too.

MP from inactive player temporary freezee until he back.  make a ZERO 0.   

If don't want GM remove 50% MP. Is easy ... so go online and play be back active.

Just easy way. Klik Vote agre or disagree. Let player talk and decision.
If all player do not agree so cancel. But if many /majority player klik agree so remove mp 50% for next month who player not online from august.

I think GM already  give a better chance. Is a 2 month. Is enough to player back and play. No need other reason.
Just klik and done. Good game

lol! why not totally reset it instead!

look the gap of top1 vs new players!

looking at current active players past 3 months, i see same name.

I think it will be fun if total reset will be implemented!

AGREE with u mr jek  :g20:

100 % REMOVE if 2 month not online

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