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 thats why if they remove stun effectivity and all 2nd job skill will be into 7pts or 10pts. through that we are still able to kill in kruma then mages allow to be at astica19. Just like Tantra FR k12 before all skills was into 10pts no stun but still old mages from old server were able to own kruma druka karya banar and yuda as well. plus 3types of pots we are using all together. Hmmm, as GM FR said, many will cry if stun will be remove And he's right about it.  :g8: afraid of no kills at all  :g18: Okay stay to your safe zones  :g162: just saying  :guitare-crack:  :biggrin:

General DISCUSSIONS TANTRA KATHANA K¹³ / Favor or not favorable
« on: June 07, 2017, 10:06:02 PM »
Hello admins. For the next update can I hope you remove stun probabilities and make all 2nd job skills into 10 pts or 7pts? just a favor It'll be great if many would agree. Since all tribe has been over power. i think many would able to kill without stun it'll be more intense in kruma :) Thanks

before I keep on complaining about this people in kruma moving so fast. but When i check out myself those different ways on how to move fast. I've learn a lot. What do you need to do is to compete with their moves as well. study the game tricks then You will be stronger than them maybe  :g12: it take a lot of practice make sure you move fast than them. because if you won't kill them first they'll kill you. For mages, Don't just rely on sleep stun and when your opponents evaded your stun you run. Practice on how to kill your opponent with or with out stun. It'll be fun. In this case as well you will see the different between CE which is the talent of Reyden and tricks which is the real talent. Just a suggestion im sure if you are able to practice the routine. You will love it :)

I will be handling the server starting this July. I'm still observing the players, the game and the items. I appreciate all your comments and suggestions. New items may come but i assure you that your old items will not simply go to the trash bin. Thats a hint for you  :g185:

OK, so there is up coming set. If you will change the existing set which is we only use it for just 6months ONLY, so be it. I put worth 3,000Php for all of it. I don't know about the other players if how much do they risk for their items. plus taney's just to purchase those upgrading stones from webmall and make our set +15. I am not counting this all with bad feelings. I'm saying this because we are just in the middle of enjoying the items that we bought, And we only enjoy it for just months. where as, if we use that money from another material thing it will take years before it got away. Now since you are going to implement this upcoming set on July. I'M HOPING. I AM HOPING that it will take yrs before you change it AGAIN. because it's not easy to earn money nowadays, especially those OFW's out there i'm pretty sure most of your players were OFW's. they left their everything just to earn money to another country, I hope you will give our satisfaction for this matter. And the thing which I am hoping very much for the next update is to have win win system between donators and Game Masters. We players donate or Buy taneys from you And you give your players or should I say CUSTOMER'S satisfaction and let your players have an investment in here because when you do so, take my word this server will be super rich, there will be lot of donators the moment they sold out an item, thats why K12 players were rich because we have investment in there, Set and Items take yrs before GM FR, Metallic and Makulitara change the set. And If you also have a plan to take our existing master point away pls don't because it is the only thing that cannot be change by anything. I'm hoping that this server won't be the same as Tantra Neo wherein every month they make an update just to earn money from their players, and now? the server is gone! I'm so sorry to use that as an example! I hope you get my point. And If no one listen's AGAIN, then take my words as an early R.I.P to those remaining donators. I am not only defending myself, I defend those players too who lend money and time for their account and to this server as well. Thank you!

In addition i am hoping that for the next update you will allow mages to be at astica 19. then since stun does rarely effect I hope you completely remove stun success rate to make kruma more intense. then put all second job skills into 7pts since we can't make it into 10pts. then additional 7k HP for the set to make it balance.. just a favor if many would agree. Good to know  :)


Well we can't please everyone to agree with our opinion, especially indogs (indians) joke  :lol: . I'm gonna use some kind of example no hard feelings. As you see that Tantra ! Not Allowed ! has been very Progressive and elastic compare with those variety of tantra. I think its been 6yrs had past yet STILL, their server was running. Why? because they have been very careful in making changes. they study their new updates firmly, before making an implemention. They do not decide with players complain through ticket or private message ALONE. they make it fair with every players want's. And so far I didn't see any server that last long aside from ! Not Allowed !. because this server isn't all about rushing new update just to earn money it's all about players want's with the game. plus donators are well taking care of. this is not a sort of complain admin lelouch. this is about the players that had abandone the game and still in counting. if u want to regain those players back and invite more player and to have an equal people in kruma, try to not to rush things, because you know what? THIS SERVER IS DYING thats a REALTALK not a PEPTALK. Actually u will still earn money if u raise up the price of upgrading stones that contains 100% success refining rate. then conduct double taney once a month. On the other hand since we are implementing 2 types of set/ weapons which is the donated and non-donated u should raise up the upgrading price of non-donated or crafted set and items so that there will be an equal hardship between non donator and donator player, because donator give their money while non donator give their time. So make donated item a little better but not far from non donated items so that they will also able to kill in kruma. let say donated items able to do 2hits make non donated item able to do 3hits to kill their opponent. And if you investigate every reports about the game open your two eyes and mind when you do so. don't listen with those defendants. You know and masterd the tantra, thats why u became GM's, and there for you know the pros and cons in this game, tricks , Ch3at engines and speed hack how does this things exist in the game, and how to shut it down.

In addition for you to invite more people in Vishnu conduct a guild activity just like before in k12 we have Fortress war and Biryu war, since you are giving taney as a reward in TOP MP gainer at kruma, make it less instead of 40,000 30,000 20,000 taney make it 30,000 , 25,000 , 20,000 taneys then the remaining taney put it on Fort war and biryu war as a budget to invite players and create their own guild per god.

and about the set and weapon access, do not make it usable for only months or weeks. you should place an agreement that this set/weapon/access will only last until 1yr and 5months or 2yrs, just like any other product that contain expiration date.. because if this will be properly realize, Investment for players also will happen in game, not only the Game masters were earning money But also the donators, if the donators sold out an items. they will earn money, and when they earn money, of course they will donate or buy taney again and this will help the server to be elastic.

I don't wan't this server to be the same as other servers that shut down instantly. I wan't tantra fr to be the greatest rival of tantra ! Not Allowed !. because so far i didn't see any good server that compete with ! Not Allowed !.

PS: i wan't fr to be an original fr. I don't wan't this server to be the same as the other server that shutdown because of rushing things for the sake of money.

Tantra K¹³ ~ Super Market Buy and Sale / Re: Hey You!
« on: June 02, 2017, 07:19:02 PM »

sudden changes like? Okay so we're here in this situation now.. any suggestion for us to invite players to transfer to vishnu?
Heroes Weapon stats are not yet final.. You could be right or wrong  :diablotin:

many changes happen i can remember few things.

kruma status
early change of premium items
producing many new things in which touches the donated items became less value
like changing the status of Mages level
many things can't remember those.
This was only base on the player feedbacks as per changes came. Plus Under the table transactions. I wish you think of the donators feeling before making changes.  :)

Tantra K¹³ ~ Super Market Buy and Sale / Re: Hey You!
« on: June 01, 2017, 11:20:57 PM »

Before Vishnites has bigger number among those two Gods, one of the main reason why vishnu people vanished because of the injustice changes that has been implemented in the server that most of the player are pretty much againts with the sudden changes, many had quit and still in counting, those who remain choose to change their Gods. and now that you're creating a weapon which is exclusive to the 8vs8 champs, surely, many would absolutely abandone the game. Thats the reason why Vishnu nowadays has less people. Just sharing my knowledge admin  :)

Tantra K¹³ ~ Super Market Buy and Sale / Re: Hey You!
« on: June 01, 2017, 07:11:05 PM »

Tantra K¹³ ~ Super Market Buy and Sale / Hey You!
« on: May 31, 2017, 11:06:15 PM »
Selling this account 2,000 rush price really rush
full set + 15 acess freebies Mp, Pet and title for only 2,000

IGN corvinus pm the pilot
who's carrying that mage
or else me in my forum account
sure seller  :)

Tantra K¹³ ~ Super Market Buy and Sale / Re: Selling Mage Account
« on: May 23, 2017, 07:04:34 PM »
up  :g19:

Tantra K¹³ ~ Super Market Buy and Sale / Re: Selling Mage Account
« on: May 20, 2017, 10:23:06 PM »

Tantra K¹³ ~ Super Market Buy and Sale / Re: Selling Mage Account
« on: May 19, 2017, 11:31:08 PM »

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