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Tantra K¹³ ~ VIOLATIONS REPORTS ~ T_T / Boogeyman
« on: January 30, 2017, 08:03:17 PM »
beware of this person "Boogeyman"...  :police:

he will send you a fake message from ML kwarta padala containing a used KPTN/reference no.
he will rush you/pressure you so that you can trade the item without you checking the validity of the KPTN from the outlet
then says he will cancel the transaction from ML if you won't give it.

just be careful in dealing with this guy. he's also using another person's FB account.
Bro, "already claimed" status is so different from "canceled"....
better luck next time. that technique does not work anymore for me  :p

IGN: SniwiW/JuanDabid  :)

S> clean Special set for druka (no belt) w/ +9 power dagger (1 pc ) w/ lvl 4 fairy pet
freebies: 100m  :biggrin:  :)
= 1.5k php Mandaue/Cebu  area

=RFS: farmer account only. need to focus in 1 character

IGN: SniwiW

contact no. 09224500263
email/FB: nivez16mystery@gmail.com

Tantra K¹³ ~ Suggestions ~ Bugs ? / Taney Dark Set
« on: January 21, 2017, 07:40:08 PM »
just a Q... previously,some players bought Dark Parts using taney, now you can just hunt orbs and craft them. is there something we can do about it?

S> special nisuepa set (armor, pants, gloves, boots, helm) + 1pc dagger (+9) = 1.8k

meet up:Cebu/Mandaue Area
pera padala through Palawan/ML

IGN: SniwiW
FB/email: nivez16mystery@gmail.com

S> special nisuepa set + 1pc dagger (+9) = 2k php cebu

IGN: SniwiW

contact no. 09224500263
email/FB: nivez16mystery@gmail.com

S> access 370 per piece Cebu/Mandaue City

1000 taney = 50 pesos

contact no. 09224500263

email/FB: nivez16mystery@gmail.com

pm/email/text for other orders in taney.

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